Not A Journal--Player Recap

Beth is having a Bad Day. In fact, she hasn’t had a day of any kind in a very long time, and this is a bad one.

-Her life’s work, Wendy’s House, is damaged. Not only is it physically damaged, but it also has had its reputation as a safe place for children damaged, and possibly irreparably. Not only is this her home, her work, and her reminder of her humanity, but it is her mission, and the thing that gives the pain of her past meaning.

-She went to sleep knowing her love was safe, and woke up to find he was risking his life. Again. And there was nothing she could do about it.

-She has apperently done such an awful job at the first mission given to her by her matron, that great lady had to yell directly at her, costing a family member her life. That death is on her hands.

-She had the enemy in her hands. Literally. She could have ripped his throat out (and thanks to the Nosferato, part of her wanted to), but it would have denied everything she is to just give in to that impulse. And now he’s powerful.

-Someone who started out an enemy, and who has seemed to become a friend, is currently hunting her. She would like to immediately try to destroy this threat…but she still needs her help, if she is ever going to make it through her task for the Hag. She’s…let’s say upset with Rosa.

-She’s mad at Jose, for again leaping in before understanding, and damaging her mission.

This is all going to be an overwhelming way to wake up. What I’m saying here is that you may want to take a few steps back. She’s gonna wake up screaming, and maybe violent.

Not A Journal--Player Recap

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