Journal Entry 3--I almost know what's happening!

Weirdness contintues.

Dr. Guido, apparently through a SPECTACULAR failure to think ahead, was the one who set Dr. Psycho on us. I don’’t CARE if he knows what he’s doing, HE’S A MADMAN. WHO KILLS PEOPLE. I can’t believe that someone we trusted entrusted our safety to this psychopath. I’m just furious over that. Also terrified, as apparently our doc also set us up a safe house. How safe is it? This is the dude that trusted Dr. Psycho. (Note: Beware of Dr. Guido’s mother. Apparently no one likes her? I will wait and decide for myself, of course, but just want to remember that.)

So yes. I have armor now. Since I am capable of hiding it if I need to, I’m actually pretty happy with this. I mean, I wish I knew what I was now? What we all are now? Are we still human? I don’t know what’s happening, but I am beginning to get a handle on it. At least when there was a weird problem at Wendy’s House, I had some sort of idea about what was happening. So there’s that! I’m proud of myself for continuing to build and strengthen myself in ways that continue my mission. I am a survivor and a warrior.

Tonight is the big shipment for Ms. Matia. I’m pretty happy about this—it’s been awhile since I used this skill set. Should be fun in that life-threatening kind of way.

Journal Entry 3--I almost know what's happening!

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