The year is 2036. Self-driving cars roam the streets and drones travel the skies. Global warming has led to the flooding and abandonment of coastal cities worldwide, leading to a range of international incidents and security concerns. The economic displacement has exacerbated the divide between haves and have-nots,

In the US, the attempts to crack-down on the poverty-driven rise in crime have led to more stringent gun-control and the expansion/further militarization of the country’s police forces. Technology marches onward. Life-saving treatments proliferate and cybernetic augmentations are pioneered, even as the number of people who can afford them shrink. Resentment rises. Politicians seem unable to come to terms with the various problems, and the country stagnates and seethes.

Meanwhile, in a corner of the country largely removed from the national problems, Taos County in Northern New Mexico is thriving. Mostly recovered from the record-breaking earthquake 20 years ago, the county is split.

The eastern half continues to be a playground for the rich. The Angel Fire Ski Resort has successfully destroyed all competition and exists as the main resort town. It’s balloon festival is one of the largest in the nation.

The remainder of the county is under the thumb of the criminal drug lord Cornejo Family. The population has traded the rule of law for prosperity as the Cornejos invest in local businesses and fund private charities which ensure the loyalty of the people even as their increasingly disturbing drugs are shipped nationwide.

Not only do normal politics and economics shape the situation, unnatural and otherworldly forces lurk in the shadows. The Cornejos themselves are subject to enough rumors to place them from folk-heroes to folk-lore, and not all of the Angel Fire Resorts competitors may have been ordinary corporations.

The Wendy’s House Foundation ostensibly provides shelter for battered women, but it also hides the defiant vampire Beth Fischer, who still doesn’t realize the breadth of the forces opposed against her efforts to keep the other Kindred from preying on the citizens she considers under her protection.

A Daoist Temple (possibly aligned/attached to Wendy’s House) secretly hosts the aging sin-eater necromancer Kole Butters, who tends to the well-being of a collection of ghosts on behalf of a splinter group of the ancient Celestial Masters.

Both of those people are bound together by Jose Miguel Rosas. An old friend to both of them when they were all still normal(ish) humans struggling with a terminal illness, the cure a mad shaman suggested for Jose left him ageless, unkillable by mortal means, and empowered to deal with the reflections this world gives life to in the spirit realm. He wanders, but always returns to his friends and his adult son, who has his own questions about the life his father is leading.

The three of them, Kole as the living protector of the dead, Beth as the undead protector of the living, and Jose as the spiritual guardian, have their work cut out for them as their old enemies return for vengeance, new enemies arise from the chaos of an unstable world, and new allies appear seeking their help and friendship.

Angel Fire, Season 2

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