XP changes and Errata

Some of the older books haven’t got the 2nd edition treatment yet. Most of it carries over just fine, but a few things:

Geist errata

Geist has some issues filling in details. The Mind’s Eye Theater is a good source for interpretations, but it’s not authoritative.

Phantasmal marionette:Every time you cast it, it starts fresh and healthy. Derived traits of speed and health aren’t affected by increasing dots in their stat. Size increases health. When you transfer back, all the damage you took transfers back with you.

Suggest start with +3 merit dots to bring in line with other supernaturals.

Suggest must have appropriate ceremony to buy charms/fetter memento merits. No making free mementos without buying the merit. Reduce ceremony cost to 1 and 3, and reminder that manifestation bonuses from mementos don’t stack.

XP Costs

Geist XP Cost per dot:
Manifestations 4, Keys 3, Psyche 5, Synergy 2, all other attributes/skills/merits/normal stuff as COD.

Purified XP Cost per dot:
Siddi 4, Numina 2, Chi 5

Changeling XP Cost per dot:
Affinity Contract 2, Non-Affinity Contract 4, Wyrd 5, Clarity 2, Goblin Contracts 1

Changing Breeds XP Cost per dot:
Breed Favor 3, Other Favor 4, Aspect 3, Respect 4, Feral Heart 5, Harmony 2

Werewolf XP Cost per dot:
Affinity Gift or Ritual 3, Other Gift 4, Rite 1, Totem Merit 1, Primary Renown 4, Other Renown 5, Primal Urge 5, Harmony 2


Every supernatural should start with 10 merit dots.

XP changes and Errata

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