Season 1 stuff

Note:Everything on the website is trumped by whatever handouts you may receive. My goal here is to make laptops/phones unnecessary for the full experience. As I pass out actual versions I may change/delete the stuff here.

Character Creation: Thematic and mechanical
House Rules: Less changes than stuff the rules don’t cover
Tips: If you haven’t messed with this system/universe, some helpful hints.

Maps: Here, rather than in the Maps tab, since that can get a little funky
Locations: Places you have to interact with

Sam Journal
Pinkman to Rosas, or how I got my good back
Kole’s Journal
Beth’s Journal
Chatting with the Regulars

Extra Content: NPC journals, off-screen activity, etc. Not required reading, but it fleshes out the world.
Old Front Page

Beat Tracker

Season 1 stuff

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