The Cornejo Family: Crime Lords of Taos County, led by Alfonso, Alonzo, and Alfredo Cornejo. They generally leave the rich areas around Angel Fire alone, but beyond that, they’re involved in everything. Based out of a compound northwest of Questa. Suspected to be changelings.

Manada del Diablos: The muscle for the Cornejo Family. Originally an independent gang who had Cornejos as just their suppliers, the balance of power has changed. Most often encountered in Taos de Ranchero and near the Cornejo compound.

Galvez Sisters: Vampires who run a ranch north of Arroyo Hondo. Their adopted mother Matea embraced all of them into undeath as part of a quest for vengeance against another vampire named Chandler Savoy. Larger vampire society took a dim view of their activities and put Matea out of commision and started keeping an eye on the sisters. Matea isn’t destroyed, but she’s out of the picture for another 50 or so years unless something happens. Beth is technically one of the sisters, but they keep the relationship quiet so she can operate more freely.

Cthonic Masters: Chinese Sin-Eater krewe with global reach, dedicated to protecting the ghosts of their members and allies. They inducted Kole after their adventures caused enough ripples in the Underworld that got his attention.

The Bypassed Dominion: A unusually self-depreciating name for a minor vampire court, although in reality it is two courts with a single name. The power is shared between the two covenants whose attention was drawn to this unclaimed area; the Invictus, and the Circle of the Crone. They have formed a coalition to maintain peace between themselves, and keep others from snatching a piece of the pie. Angel Fire, Taos, and the road between belongs to the Invictus. The rest to the Circle. The Invictus control the centers of wealth and population, the Circle control the wider territories where much can be hidden. Other covenants may have members present, but hold no real power. The court is jointly ruled by the Hierophant and the Prince and is physically located at an estate in the hills north of Angel Fire, on the edge of the territories.

Agracetus Corporation: CEO originally bought the Taos Ski Valley resort as an experiment in ‘environmentally friendly tourism’ but was stymied in attempts to develop by the owner of the Angel Fire resort until the earthquake collapsed most of the Taos Ski Valley village. It has yet to be rebuilt.


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