Kole's Journal

Journal Entry 1/16/17

2 Minutes until I’m back in my own body. There are three dudes from the frat with the worst reputation for taking advantage of women outside this bathroom lined with their pants around their ankles standing at attention.

The door is locked and I’ve taped my note to Tim on the Bathroom mirror. It reads,

“Dear Tim,

I feel pretty taken advantage of. Violated even. You took my body and I have no idea what you did to it or with it while I was gone. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough. There had better not be any tattoos. You put me in a pretty dangerous situation and nearly got me killed. I also had to possibly watch people I care for die. I know you’re… unique, and you helped us out back at your brother’s facility which is why I’m making the assumption that you were trying to help rather than just use me in some weird escape plan.

In spite of everything I faked your death and you might have a ticket to freedom. I had to sacrifice some of your jewelry and had to burn your phone, but I think you’ll understand.

I hope I never have to tell you this again, but do not ever take my body again. Don’t be a dick Tim. Incase you forgot what that looks like, take a quick peek outside this bathroom door.

P.S. If you look in your purse you’ll find two cans of pepper spray, a rape whistle, a collapsible night stick and a burner phone.
P.P.S. These douches deserve whatever you decide to do to them, good luck!"

Journal Entry 1/9/17

I don’t think anyone saw how our night would end. I certainly didn’t think a tank would be involved. But it was. And it got us out of a lot of shit. “Note to self” Get a tank.

So… Lilly had a son. Not sure she cared much for him considering he was being created to as a gift, but there you have it. I like that he doesn’t take after her. I don’t like being around him, but I hope that the kid stays out of trouble and gets that whole turning into a human thing figured out.

In other news Sam is back! Yay Sam! But he’s gone darkside. Booo. And he might try to come and kill us for the aforementioned tank incident. It… may have been his tank, “Technically”. and it may have “technically” blown up his base of operations. Now he “Technically” has to kill us all.

I don’t know that there is a way out of this one. It’s gonna be an interesting day… That’s for damn sure.

Journal Entry 1/2/17

In our hunt for additional support we came across some an old friend. It was good to see him again, but the organization he’s involved with gives me great pause. I’m worried that we may have stumbled into something that is going to be with for a long time, if not forever… like herpes. The gift that keeps on giving.

I’m worried about what how this is going to affect Nadia. Things are getting more dangerous than I prefer, and if I’m going to keep her safe and live a normal life I can’t bring this shit home with me. If I have to, to keep her safe, I wont be coming home again.

May need to look into faking my death. Jose may know a thing or two about this. He still looks exactly the same he did 20 years ago. He had to have done something.

Journal Entry 12/12/16

Its been an interesting month… This has been my first real dive into the underworld and I never expected it to last nearly a month. I’m lucky to still have my fiance let alone my life. I guess I shouldn’t expect much else being back here. The most crazy people tend to live here and they are accompanied by the most crazy events.

The Good news, I finally found Kiadu, alive and mostly well. He’s imprisoned and the only way to get him out of his 15 year sentence is to assist in a change of command for the lord of that portion of the underworld. No small feat. Good thing I can rely on my Order for assistance. Oh that reminds me. We’ve been betrayed by Marcus and disowned by our various factions..My Order cannot help me, the Vamps have cut Beth off. Our only hope at this point is Joseph and Rosa.

We’ve got to get an edge on our enemy and that can only come from intel. I’m gonna be relying on my stealth abilities a lot over these next few weeks. I can’t risk being found.

Journal Entry 08/01/16

I know I’m younger and I still have a lot to learn about life, but I’ve still seen more than most in my life. Cults can be bat shit crazy. But I’ve never seen anything like what has been happening the last couple days. I mean I’ve read about the supernatural, but can it actually be real?

Could this be happening because of me? Because I’m different?

Does this mean that these people are different too?

I’ve never told anyone about my abilities. Never figured they’d understand… or believe me for that matter. Scratch that, I know they wouldn’t have believed me. Maybe, through all of this I can better understand why I’ve had to hear everything I’ve had to through the years.

Anyway, this is an odd mix of people, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of what’s going on and maybe come out on top. Hopefully this is one of those ghost stories with a happy ending. That happens right?

Journal Entry 08/08/16

So one second I’m reaching to pick up my cell phone I lost, and the next I’m locked in a room with seven other people. We were trapped. There was a crazy Doctor that murdered a ghost family? There were ghosts in the room with us who basically said we were going to die like them. Once it was clear we weren’t going anywhere we all made interdictions. Most people I knew and some I didn’t. But what was clear is that none of us understood what was happening to us. Then all of a sudden we were back in front of the phones.

I must be losing my mind. I was sure of it because neither Tim or Sam, who were with me at the time and who were in the dream/vison, remembered anything. Of course I realized they were lying to me when Beth, who had awoken from her coma, called and asked if I just had the same vision as her. Am I living in a soap opera? Is this real life? I eventually got Sam and Tim to own up to the experience. It was hard for them both. It’s like they can’t face some of the oddities of what’s happening. Of course I can’t blame them. I should go easy on them but when possible help them both to face whatever is happening to us.

Luckily the crazy calmed down after that and a semi normal life began to take shape. I’m still trying to connect with the people in the vision. There is something going on and we have to work together to understand these events. Between the vision, the Angelfire, the medical records and the other supernatural events surrounding all of us something is bound to happen when we all get together.

In the meantime though it’s nice to get back to helping out at the Windy house and my writing. Although helping to solve a missing persons case with Sam and Toni was a interesting and fun distraction. It could be fun to do that again. Heck I might be able to make a little money if I nudge some clients Sam’s way. Maybe a commission? Maybe I could even get in on the ground floor of a blossoming enterprise? Wait, how much do PIs make?

Journal Entry 08/15/16

We were finally able to come together and discuss our situation. Looks like we have all been looking into things in our own ways and have all been finding connections. One clue landed in our laps as we met. A homeless man was lurking around us. We invited him in and bought him a meal and after some probing I discovered he works for the doctor himself. I asked Sam to follow him to see if he might lead us to the doctor.

As if our mystery wasn’t enough cops showed up at my door to warn me about the fact we pissed off a local biker gang by bringing down a drug dealing pedophile. I’m having to couch surf until I can either find a new place to live or make sure the bikers are no longer interested in me.

Beth and I apparently are also going to add smuggling onto our resumes. This isn’t going to go well in smoothing things over with the bikers. This is all to shed more light on the doctor and hopefully will give us a way to defeat him.

Beth should be pretty happy with me with the new influx of money for the Wendy house. It was nice finally having a sit down with the resort tycoon. He was very generous and has a actual concern for the community.

Journal Entry 08/22/16

The past few days have been exhausting! I haven’t pushed myself and my abilities this hard since I’ve been on the streets. It’s been fun and exciting but I think I’m going to have to go on vacation for a while after things settle down. Someplace were murderous apparitions are not bent on my demise.

My mind must have been elsewhere to wander into that mausoleum. There is a lot of active spiritual activity in that area. I wonder if the doctor knew we were there and that’s why he didn’t show up to receive the medical book. At least we have the tracer on Roddie’s car, this way we’ll know when he’s going back to that place.

*Note to self, see if you can find some T-Gel. I hear its excellent for dandruff. Also check to see if they sell in bulk.

I was able to meet up with Jose and we stumbled onto a possible lead. Although I’m not sure how it’s connected to the murderous doctor. We took the buried statue and still need to look further into it. Also I need to find legitimate bloggers who match up to what Jose and I posed as and pass along the information we promised would get published.

Second continue to try to smooth things over with contacts in the local PD. I think it may be handy to do everything in my power to aid them / be on their good side if this investigation company gets off the ground. Speaking of I need to make sure to pass along the client information Beth was so thoughtful to pass onto me.

Lastly smuggling is terrifying and the only more terrifying is Sam with a friggin gun. Hopefully that favor bears some fruit in learning how to end that doctor before he ends all of us.

Journal Entry 08/29/16

All our work paid off. We now have some ways we can fight back against the Doc. Maybe I wont get savagely murdered after all! With this new info we’ll have to quickly find out everything we can about the Doc and find the Door / scalpel. I’m confident we will find the scalpel by following Roddy, but the door is another matter. I’m wondering though if the scalpel is the scalpel he used in life then wouldn’t it stand to reason the door is the original door? We hopefully Sam and Tim will be able to help us dig stuff up as quickly as possible.

I swear by Apollo The Healer, by Asclepius, by Hygieia, by Panacea, and by all the Gods and Goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this indenture.

To hold my teacher in this art equal to my own parents; to make him partner in my livelihood; when he is in need of money to share mine with him; to consider his family as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they want to learn it, without fee or indenture; to impart precept, oral instruction, and all other instruction to my own sons, the sons of my teacher, and to indentured pupils who have taken the physician’s oath, but to nobody else.

I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course. Similarly I will not give to a woman a pessary to cause abortion. But I will keep pure and holy both my life and my art. I will not use the knife, not even, verily, on sufferers from stone, but I will give place to such as are craftsmen therein.

Into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm, especially from abusing the bodies of man or woman, bond or free. And whatsoever I shall see or hear in the course of my profession, as well as outside my profession in my intercourse with men, if it be what should not be published abroad, I will never divulge, holding such things to be holy secrets.

Now if I carry out this oath, and break it not, may I gain for ever reputation among all men for my life and for my art; but if I transgress it and forswear myself, may the opposite befall me.

I think I have that memorized now…

**Note to self, make sure the team all have this memorized.

Looks like I might need to start studying up on some law. I need to file a restraining order on some guy who came around to the Wendy house. Might be a good opportunity to learn a few things for the P.I. agency. I think I might be able to pass this bar thing after a week or two are hard studying. We’ll see. I should bet someone on it just to raise the stakes.

One moment you’re worrying about bikers and ex-husbands, and the next I’m back in the bunker again. This time my muscles seem to have a mind of their own now. Its very troubling and graphic. I was able to get it under control again but I fear that at some point I wont be able to control these things… The ghosts we encountered were more human this time we could talk and interact with them. I guess the more they are remembered the more they are connected to this world. We have to help them find peace if we can.

After the crazy bunker and everything else that’s been happening I had to get more answers. I hear Mr. Sandwich dealt in answers as well as ice cream. When I showed up I felt someone else was captive in his ice cream van. I think that’s the definition of creepy. But I decided to go ahead and roll the dice and push him for answers and try to find out why he knew so much. I mean WHY would a ice cream man be in the know?

Oh… That makes sense! I put my cards on the table. Turns out he knows how to get a hold of our cancer doctor and that he will come to our safe house to finish our treatments and hopefully help us through these crazy changes.

Journal Entry 09/05/16

Chicks dig scars right? They’d better, because F*@# that hurt. I’ve been in the hospital the past few weeks. I’ve been able to rest somewhat. I’m mildly afraid a biker is going to wander into my room and setback my recovery permanently but thankfully things have been quiet. The scooby gang has been kind enough to visit the half of us that have been in the hospital.

Killing the ghost was terrifying but rewarding. Knowing that he wont be able to hurt anyone again or teleport us to scary locations is comforting to say the least. I do want to know how the ghosts that were trapped in that room are fairing. I need to know that they can move on now. They long since suffered enough due to that mad man. I wonder if Scheliac would be able to help me reach them, or if that path to the underworld would be able to let me find them?

I know things have been crazy in these parts and I’m hoping that I can still convince the local PD that the PI agency is still a worthy resource. I think we could do a lot of good around here as long as we don’t piss to many more people off. When I get out of here I’ll see if I can’t find out more about this gang. It seems like everything else in this city is Supernatural or influenced by it. We’d better understand who we’ve pissed off before we make it much worse and if there is a way for us to tap the breaks on the conflict, it might be wise to do so. If that’s not possible learning who they are is the best way to surviving them and fighting them.

Journal Entry 09/12/16

So I had a good weekend, I saw Sully, got out of the hospital early, and… oh… I DIED. With the way things had been going I was pretty sure a deranged biker was going to stab me in my sleep or, you know, I’d be killed by the teleporting ghost. Instead it was the old willing a magic tattoo away and suffering instant cancer. This is my life now. This is my life….

Things have gone from crazy to over the nightmare rainbow. its challenging to put into words what I experienced while dead. Time slowed down. I don’t know how long it was but it seems much longer than 5 minutes. The one thing I can clearly remember is meeting the Twilight Gentleman. That’s what he likes to be called. Kinda creepy sure, but it also sounds like a strip club, but I’m not gonna tell him that.

I remember the empty still eyes. That’s what I noticed first. I didn’t even have to face him to feel them on me. I have no idea how long he’d been watching me and waiting for this opportunity. Chauliac told us he found this thing, but I can’t shake the notion t’s been planning this meeting longer than we’ve been told. There is something familiar about him. He exudes this sense of wanting to tear your face off but I sense something deeper as well… is it… Shame? I guess T-dawg and I are going to be roomies for a long time now, which means I can figure all this out eventually.

If that little adventure wasn’t enough, the rest of the scooby gang took a similar turn and experimented with death. Sam, Toni, and Beth are are Vampires now. Yep, I said it. Vampires. It’s a thing. A real thing. Jose took this crazy potion that is supposed to bring him back to life but at this point he’s still dead. I’m pretty sure we would have chalked it up to a failure had I not already come back from the dead. Tim is playing around with a magical amulet. I’m hopping to God that it doesn’t make him into something stranger than what we’ve already seen.

I have a lot of adjusting to do with this new roommate and that everything has taken a supernatural turn. But the thing I’m really bummed about is that because we’re all monsters now I’m all but certain we’re disqualified from being the scooby gang.

Journal Entry 09/19/16

So, I’m still adjusting to this roommate situation and that nearly everyone I know in this town is a supe. It will take me a while to really adjust. I just hope I can start thinking straight. In a rush judgement to “Cure” my friends I may have exposed my face to some vampires and a video feed that could connect me to some people who set fire to a guard station. Not my finest moment I know. I like to keep things interesting for sure but I also like to be smart about it. Now that I’m sitting in a Jail Cell maybe I can think about better ways to pull off plans like that.

In all this weirdness it turns out Jose came back to life as well and Tim can now switch bodies with people. (Creepy!) Drinking someone’s blood is pretty awful but changing bodies and leaving some strange person to deal with what you leave them seems a ton worse. Remind me never to piss off Tim. Perhaps I should stand slightly behind Sam when confronting him?

Anyway… hopefully this jail thing can get wrapped up quickly because we still need to “Cure” Tim in the creepiest way possible. We need to find someone that will deserve this body switch thing otherwise we’ll be sentencing an innocent to their death. I’m having a hard enough time with the notion that the person who’s “Deserves it” is gonna die, or become a Promethean.

Damn, I feel so out of the loop. It’s like we’ve all of a sudden come to a foreign land. I don’t understand the culture and I only partially get the language. If I’m gonna survive, or even if WE are gonna survive, I need information. Who are the vamps, where did they come from? Promethans? Who controls what? Are their laws in place? Why haven’t normal human society learned about these things. How does the dead play into all of this? The Underworld? T-Dawg? I’m going to find answers.

Journal Entry 09/26/16

I’m not sure how good of an idea it was t the police after finding out there was a warrant for our arrest. It made us a sitting duck. It seems the vamps can manipulate like I can, if not with even more control. All it takes is a look in the eye. I’m gonna have to be cautious when interacting with them. I will have to make sure they don’t find out what I can do. If they do I could really harm everyone I care about.

Once the vamps showed up it sounded like a war zone. I was able to turn them on each other. It didn’t go exactly the way I figured it would but at least Beth made it out okay and the cops want to hire us which is great but I still haven’t heard from the group and I don’t know what happened to everyone. I hope everyone is okay.

The lawyer was able to get me out a lot earlier since Beth wasn’t around. I figured that since I only had a little time before I would need to sleep I’d make my stop at the graveyard to help out the Ghosts that had been trapped with us in the room. I was extremely rewarding helping the girl pass on and knowing that I can do that for others. I want to help the detective as well but I also think he could be a huge asset with his skills and the fact that he can always go where he wants. I will just have to learn how to bind him to an anchor. I’ll check the twilight network and with my mentor regarding it. Maybe ask some other ghosts in the underworld?

Looking forward I think the war between factions is only a hairs breath from blowing up into full-on open conflict. We need information and if in the same turn we can diminish our enemy’s access to information it, without question, should be our next move. We have to figure out how to free the pickerman. Maybe we should also involve Shellac? He knows Lilly the best and perhaps he will know something about the Pickerman and how to release him from Lilly’s control.

Journal Entry 09/26/16

Mission accomplished? I believe we freed the Pickerman, but I’m not sure at what cost… Jose, Beth and I decided to investigate the spirit wall surrounding the Enchanted Circle. We found out it was built into the road and it was what was the Pickerman’s leash. Jose was able to summon the Pickerman. The guy looks like a homeless man. A disguise maybe? Anyway he told us he’d return to us if freed and once off the leash he wouldn’t devour the spirit population of the area. Which, I guess, is a thing to worry about according to Beth. This supernatural stuff is so weird.

After we figured out that the wall was coming from something in the road we figured out that if we destroyed the rods that were under the cats eyes on the road it would weaken the barrier, maybe even break it. We rallied the troops, got a few ark welders and started our work.

Turns out that in Rallying the troops we may have ruined Tim and Sam’s double date. I think Tim was nearly killed buy one of the women, but Sam managed to de-escalate the situation. Maybe he’s not as much of a loose cannon we were thinking he was? Tim though is crazy. I like having a beer with the guy but this firmed up my suspicions and I don’t think getting supernatural powers helped. I really hope that T-dawg can help me if Tim decided to take my body.

Anyway, we start started in on weakening the barrier when three spirits showed up. They nearly killed us by setting our cars / torches on fire. I, for the life of me couldn’t get our fire out, but we made it out of the barrier where the spirits couldn’t follow and then I managed to redirect one of the spirits anger toward another spirit. It killed its companion and then I sent it after the road to continue our work.

I did not expect what happened next. There was a massive spiritual explosion that went on for the entirety of the road. We broke his leash, but I fear what we may have unknowingly have done…

Journal Entry 10/17/36

Its been years since I wrote in my Journal… Maybe not since I left the enchanted circle. I guess its appropriate that I pick it back up now that I’m in town again for a while.

A lot has happened over the years. I’m old now. Which when you’re young you never think will happen to you, but its, all sneaky like. Anyway to give you the short version after everything that went down before I joined a Krewe. Basically a organized group of Sin-Eaters. They built a temple here, I was supposed to take it over but got ran out of town by Marcus, another sin eater.

I traveled the world hunting crazed ghosts helping other temples retrieving things until I ended up in Spain and met my fiance Nadia. She owns a few antique shops and deals in them which is how we met. She’s beautiful, smart and has no idea what I actually do. Normals can’t really understand so I leave her out of that part of my life.

I got a call from the old master of the temple here in Enchanted Circle asking if I’d come visit and smooth things over from me leaving. I agreed, but when I arrived he’s missing and Marcus is not telling me everything. I’ll be sure to follow up with this and find where Master Kiadu has gone.

I was also able to meet up with Beth now that I’m back in town. Its good seeing her again. Some things never change, but that just reminds me how much I do change. Enchanted Circle is still an impressive hot spot for supernatural activity. Only one week here and I’ve encountered Jose again, vampires, someone who can be the human torch and a demon child?

It’s gonna be an interesting trip.

Kole's Journal

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